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garden groupFir Villa's aim is to encourage residents to lead as full a life as possible and to contribute to their own community both inside and outside the home. This includes enabling residents to continue their pastimes and hobbies as they did before moving into our home as well as going out and about and where a resident is unable to go out alone we will assist them by accompanying them where needed.

In addition the home organises many activities within the home such as craft groups, quizzes and games sessions, music and movement activities and visiting entertainers.


Fir Villa


We also arrange activities outside the home such as outings and theatre shows. All details of activities and events will be displayed on the resident's notice board.

Examples for a week in October ... Exercise Group, Name that Tune, Cheandise “Birds of Prey Visit”, Crafts, Horse Racing, Bingo, Sunday Pre-Luncheon Drinks and Get Together


Our Expertise

Fir Villa’s award winning care & expertise is recognised by many in the care professional and local community, who have used our services, as one of the best care providers...

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